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Aircraft Cleaner

Job Description:

As an Aircraft Cleaner you will board each Aircraft (after landing) to clean and prepare it ready for its next departure. This is a time restricted operation dependant on how quickly the plane is set for departure. If the aircraft is to remain airside overnight you will perform a more extensive clean.

Duties Include:

  • Lap Tray Cleaning
  • Emptying seat pockets
  • Replacing Safety Cards to the front of the seat pockets
  • Arranging Seatbelts
  • Vacuuming
  • Cleaning toilets and kitchen areas
  • Emptying bins

Personal Qualities:

  • Be able to follow instructions
  • Work quickly and accurately, even under pressure
  • Enjoy Teamwork
  • Communicate well with colleagues
  • Be reliable
  • Be motivated


Although no academic qualifications are needed to become an Aircraft Cleaner, a good standard of literacy and numeracy is usually required.

Working Hours:

  • Shifts may vary to cover all times in which the airport is open.
  • May include early mornings, evenings, nights, weekends and bank holidays.
  • Anyone seeking Aircraft Cleaning work must live near an airport and be able to travel to and from work at times that fit in with their shifts.

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