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Car park Attendant/Trolley Operative

Job Description:

A car park attendant has an important role in the maintenance and assistance of customers at the Airport. Ensuring the car park is clean and free of any debris, they may also have to partake in the operation of the parking procedure, including designating areas and support for busy periods, as well as money collecting for parking fees. Car park attendants may also be known as Trolley Operatives, who are responsible for the preservation of the Luggage Trolley system, by collecting any loose trolleys from the car park and the area surrounding, and assisting customers with their trolleys and luggage.

Duties Include:

  • Issue parking tickets to customers and collecting money
  • Loading and maintaining Ticket Machines
  • Cleaning the car park of any rubbish, glass or spills
  • Opening and closing gates
  • Handling Money
  • Assisting customers with luggage and trolleys
  • Collecting stray trolleys
  • Moving cars

Personal Qualities:

  • Good customer communication/service skills
  • Pleasant Manner when dealing with the Public
  • Reasonably fit
  • Presentable
  • Integrity and reliability


Although no formal qualifications are needed, a good standard of English literacy and speaking skills is essential, as well as a capability to carry out physically active duties.

Working Hours:

Airports are open 24/7, and a majority of the car parks are too, depending on the airport. Car park attendants are needed for the whole operation time the car parks are open, including early and late hours, weekends and bank holidays. They are required to work outside in all weathers.

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